About Us

Trent Nathan AM, is best known for his 40 years as Chairman of Trent Nathan Pty Ltd, a classic Australian brand that offered quality garments to the career conscious market interested in a classic contemporary style.

Trent Nathan Pty Ltd operated as a partnership for 23 years until 1984 when Trent Nathan bought out the partners, becoming the sole owner and Chairman, until his nephew, Shane Barr, joined him in 1988 taking on a 50/50 partnership.  The business was then sold to Gazal in 2003.

Trent grew up in the inner West of Sydney.  His mother, a former model, set up a clothing factory where Trent learnt his skills in fashion design with the clothing factory growing to become Trent Nathan Pty Ltd., a thriving Australian business with a retail turnover of about $60 million in 1998.  The company remained a family business with Trent’s nephews, brothers Shane and Chris Barr, working with their uncle in their positions as Managing Director and Sales Executive respectively.

All his working life, flamboyancy was Trent Nathan’s trademark, and his flair and energy ensured a colourful and highly publicised public life from the age of 19.

Now 78 and retired, Trent lives on a dairy farm in East Kangaloon and has returned to painting portraits, which he has done all his adult life.  His pace of life has slowed since the heady days of the 80s and 90s and he now describes his personal philosophy as giving him ‘the clarity of mind and the inner peace to solve problems and pursue dreams.  Spirituality provides me with an equilibrium and a sense of order which are invaluable to both my lives – private and professional”.

After years living in luxury in a waterside mansion in Palm Beach, where the the beach and water surrounded him, today he lives, surrounded by nature,  in a very rural Australian scene.  From his farmhouse and rustic studio, Trent looks out over fields of grazing cows, abundant vegetable and flower gardens filled with birds and bees and sweeping views of an idyllic, verdant valley.

On being an Australian Icon, Trent describes the concept in his own words, “fame has now humbled me.  Even the word does not fit very well with me.  I have just been consistent and good at what I do – being friendly to all and acknowledging people in a warm and honest way”.